Call for ideas

In the wake of this year’s enthusiastic participation in ICT Days – Orizzonti 2015, we would like to ask all of those who helped to make the event a success for their ideas on how to make next year’s even better.

We are sure that your opinions and ideas will be valuable as we plan the 6th edition and craft our message of social innovation that we want to promote through the event. It is our strong belief that innovation is a team effort.

Thus, we would like to ask you to share with us your ideas and proposals for next year, remembering that ICT Days – Orrizonti 2016 offers an opportunity for those in the field of education, research, business, technology and social innovation to meet and exchange ideas as well as promote ICT as a sector that is strongly interdisciplinary.

We would be happy to read any input that you can offer. While we cannot guarantee all suggestions will be fully implemented, we can assure that everything suggested will be taken into careful consideration.

We kindly ask you to fill the form below

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