The ideal job interview does not exist, you create it

Round 1
The ideal job interview does not exist, you create it - Personal Branding Basic seminar

Today, searching for a job it is a full time job, which rewards only those who know how to communicate best through their resume and at the moment of the interview. In a CV you should not only focus on your "technical preparation" but also on your talents, hobbies and passions.
Basic Personal Branding wants to share basic information on "job haunting" and it might be followed, for the most motivated, by a second and more structured seminar. The seminar is divided into three sessions:

“Active job searching: resume and interview” - Marco Parolini, Job Trainer
“what companies want from a young candidate?EQ vs IQ ” - Marco Tomasi Trento RISE
“Go with the flow of your passions: a case study” - Marco Regazzo , Anytime Hero

Speaker: Marco Parolini, Job Trainer

When: Wednesday February 27 
When: 2:30 - 4:30 PM
Where: Room Garda, Polo Fabio Ferrari - via Sommarive 5

Round 2
The perfect job interview - seminar 2 Personal Branding Basic

Experiential and practical short seminar for learning how to successfully face a job interview: how to introduce yourself, verbal and non-verbal communication, content and strategy. 
Good training to prepare for ICT Days interviews, internship interviews or future job interviews.

When: Wednesday March 13 
When: 9:30 - 12:30
Where: Aula Ofek, Polo Fabio Ferrari - via Sommarive 5

Eventbrite - Il colloquio di lavoro eccellente - seminario 2 Personal Branding Basic

Round 3 
ICT DAYS – Orizzonti 2015
march 21: Placement.
Job trainer and Anytime Hero will be present to answer all your curiosities.

Big news 2013

On the occasion of ICT DAYS 2013, Job Trainer will provide a € 850 Scholarship for participating in the Job Trainer Campus.

JobTrainer is a Campus for higher education directed to young people between the ages of 18 and 30. Its aim is to instill greater motivation in the students and help them in developing the skills that will be required from the very start in any job situation: clear goals, teamwork, problem solving, communication skills.

Sorin Moruz is the winner of the scholarship to particapte at the 16°Campus JobTrainer, that will be held on 12-14th April 2013.